Vietnam rescue team says floating yellow object not life raft from plane

100 days on, families of MH370 passengers and crew remain hopeful

A Vietnamese rescue helicopter has retrieved a floating yellow object from the sea and determined it was not a life raft from a missing MH370, as was earlier suspected, the country's civil aviation authority said today, as reported by Reuters.

"It has salvaged the object, at the notice and request by Malaysia's rescue centre, 130 km southwest of Tho Chu island. The object has been identified as a moss-covered cap of a cable reel," the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Vietnam said on its website.

The CAA did not confirm if that object was from a plane and would be sending photographs of the said object to its command centre.

Vietnam scrambled two helicopters from southern Phu Quoc island this afternoon to retrieve the item spotted earlier by a search plane, reported Reuters.

Earlier, Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman had dismissed reports that parts of the aircraft had been located by the Vietnamese authorities.

He had said those responsible for the search and rescue had verified reports of the "finds" with the Vietnamese authorities who denied them.

It was reported that there had been unverified reports of sightings of aircraft parts, including a possible door, and oil slicks in the South China Sea.

"Various sightings have been reported by numerous media organisations but nothing concrete has been found," he said, adding that claims that Vietnamese search and rescue forces had found an aircraft door had not been verified.

"We have contacted Vietnamese authorities and they have denied any such finding by their SAR forces," Azharuddin had told a press conference earlier today. – March 10, 2014.