Videos: Scenes of police action against women student protesters at BHU show who was violent

Scroll Staff

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visiting Banaras, his Parliamentary constituency. At around the same time, students of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) were protesting in large numbers after a woman student was molested on the campus.

The Prime Minister’s route through the city was altered to ensure that he did not have to meet the protesters. And the police came down heavily on the protesters, using their batons to inflict injuries (video above). Male policemen beat up women students (videos below).


Responding to the incidents, politician Yogendra Yadav highlighted the need for action.

The protests continued despite the police action. The university students’ Facebook page BHU Buzz has been live-streaming the protests, and posting videos of the incidents. As the situation remained tense on Sunday, the University shut down three days early for the Dussehra break to prevent further clashes.