Videos of People Stealing Hand Sanitisers from ATM Vestibules and Hospitals Go Viral on the Internet! Netizens Are Shook

Shaloo Tiwari

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting different people in different ways. Ever since most areas in the world went under lockdown and some people are going paranoid hoarding off all the sanitisers, toilet paper and other such products. While some people are resorting to stealing! Yes, a few videos going viral on social media shows how some people are stealing sanitisers of all things from public places that were places for the common people help spread coronavirus. The coronavirus outbreak requires safety measures to be taken in public places that cannot be shut down. Apart from maintaining distance, had sanitisers are placed so that people can use them as and when required, however, some of the videos showing people stealing sanitisers is both funny and worrying. Is The Video of Breathless Man Going Viral Amid Coronavirus Outbreak From Wenlock Hospital? Here's the Fact Check Behind The WhatsApp Forward. 

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One of the first videos that surfaced on Twitter is said to be from an ATM vestibule in Pakistan. There is no confirmation whether it is from the aforesaid country or not but the video shows a man conveniently using the ATM to withdraw money first and then slyly stealing the sanitiser placed for public use. Watch Video:

The second video also showed up in the same thread. It was captioned with "India" suggesting that probably the video is from India. In the same way as the above video, you can see another man who doesn't even withdraw any money but steals the sanitiser bottle and later acts like nothing ever happened. Watch video:

In yet another case, sanitiser stolen from Northampton hospital was caught on CCTV. The man could be seen stealing a hand sanitiser dispenser off of a hospital wall on March, 9. The CCTV clip has been released and the police is on a lookout for the thief. Watch Video:

A few weeks ago, amid the novel coronavirus scare, a pharmacist from a reputed hospital in Maharashtra's Pune was arrested for "stealing masks and other medicines worth over Rs 35,000". The 28-year-old accused stole masks, injections, tablets and some ointments from the hospital pharmacy where he was working.