These videos of a dog doing exercises in a gym are going viral

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The furry instructor is giving people fitness goals online. (Source: @TeslaTheMiniAussie/ Instagram)

An Australian Shepherd named Tesla is going viral on social media after videos emerged of her doing exercises in a gym with a group of people.

Imitating the people who are working out, Tesla is seen performing burpees, with the addition of a rollover.

"When coach Tesla teaches the class you can’t disappoint," said a post from an Instagram handle dedicated to Tesla. The clip has been viewed thousands of times on multiple social media platforms.

The seven-year-old dog's Instagram page is filled with videos of her doing various tricks and participating in training and fitness exercises.

Here's the video of Tesla doing burpees:

And here's Tesla acing a wall stand.

After viewing the video, many people said that Tesla was a professional at the exercises. Others said they were willing to join a gym only if Tesla is their fitness coach. Here are some reactions: