'World Sushi Cup' Competition held in Tokyo

Japan gave birth to Sushi about 200 years ago. In Tokyo, the "WORLD SUSHI CUP JAPAN 2017" was held to enable the world's sushi chefs to use their skills incompletion against each other. Thirty foreign chefs from all over the world participated in the preparation and hygienic techniques used to make sushi. To qualify as a participant in the world sushi cup, each chef had to have 5 or more years of experience in the making of sushi. Under the original strict evaluation, the sushi chefs struggled to gain a high reputation for their created sushi. 3 years continuous participant Mr. Vladimir Pak won the first place at the end of the fierce competition. The sponsor of the event, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, is attempting to spread the hygiene-conscious technology with not only the preparation techniques of sushi as well as with the growing popularity of sushi worldwide. Living a healthy life has become a major theme to various kinds of stress that occur in modern society and to eliminate harmful things that accumulate in our bodies. A variety of ingenuity is being applied to our mental and physical health to live in modern society.