Wife of Indian Army Major found dead at Delhi's Brar Square

A 30-year-old woman whose body was found in Delhi's Brar Square area has been identified as the wife of an Indian Army Major. She had gone to Army Base Hospital in Delhi Cantt for physiotherapy session at 10 am and was found dead half an hour later. Police investigation underway. Talking about the matter, DCP Vijay Kumar said, "We got a call about a lady's accident here. When the police reached the spot, they saw a woman in her 30's was lying dead. It was not an accident but a murder since there was a slit in her throat. After all the police formalities, the body was shifted from the spot. The victim was identified. Police are suspecting case of murder. We have solid clue about the accused, he is probably someone known. We hope to come to a conclusion about this case as soon as possible."