Why cage birds if we can provide them houses!

Birds are not meant to be caged and if people really love them and want bird with them than caging them is not the only option. Yes, that's right! A Mangalore based animal activist came up with an idea of an artificial bird nesting project which will provide nest to birds and also give a lovely experience to people who want birds around their houses. Home sweet home, an artificial bird nesting project with an intention to provide nesting spaces for birds like sparrows, robbins, squirrels has been launched by Mangalore based animal activist Tauseef Ahmed. The artificial bird nesting project is launched after Tauseef found few dead birds due to electrocution in electrical and AC boxes where they had built their nests. Home sweet home is a simple idea of PVC pipes being used where artificial nesting spaces have been created. Each unit has 3 nesting spaces almost like 3 compartments/3 rooms for 3 nests. The length of the pipe is 2.5-feet and internal width is 4-inches, big enough for sparrows, robbins and even squirrels to nest in. Interestingly, the units are water proof, rain proof and dust proof, have a life of easily about 25 plus years.