Watch: People overlook safety rules, risk lives while crossing railway tracks

People have little regard for rules and regulations and are willing to risk their lives for comfort or thrill. A classic example of violation of basic rule is witnessed on railway tracks on daily basis. People resort to crossing railway tracks even when there are adequate foot-over bridges for moving from platform to platform. People even disregard queues and etiquettes, rushing to board trains all at one time. Risking their own safety on daily basis, hundreds and thousands of commuters in India use the railway tracks for crossing over to the other side. They often manage to miss the alert of an incoming train, while others keep checking their phones. This is a grave issue as the onus of an unfortunate incident in such situations is often misplaced. A good example would be the recent Amritsar train accident which resulted in the death toll of over 60 people, when a train ran over people enjoying Dussehra celebrations, while standing on railway track.