Watch: ANI scribe stands up against Pakistanis' act of vandalising Indian flag

The ANI reporter stood up against the despicable act of tearing and disregarding the tricolour by Pakistani supporters during a recent protest outside the Indian High Commission on the Independence Day. The incident occurred on Thursday during anti-Indian protests that had otherwise already witnessed scenes of Pakistani side throwing eggs and stones on Indian diaspora. At one point, a young Khalistani supporter sneaked into where the Indians stood, grabbed an Indian flag, threw it over to the Pakistan side and returned to his cohorts. Video from the scene of the incident shows a Pakistani man mutilating the flag and challenging the Indians to retrieve it. While the police officers turned a deaf ear to the Indians who brought the desecration of the flag to their attention, the ANI reporter crossed to the Pakistani side, snatched the flag from the hands of the man and brought it back.