Varsity develops 'Green' library to motivate reading among students in Shivamogga

To encourage reading habits among students, a university has created a Green library in campus in Karnataka's Shivamogga. It helps students devote more time in reading books, journals. "This idea will help the students to read in an interactive environment. We have developed it with an idea that this will encourage students to interact with each other. They will learn more in a healthy environment. The students while interacting will develop their own thoughts. Students should not feel the pressure but they should study with an aim of learning," Prof, BP Veerabhadrappa, Vice-Chancellor of Kuvempu University told ANI. The park facilitates free Wi-Fi to access e-library and other books borrowed from general library amid tight security in order to preserve the park. The tall trees, ponds and other things in the park provide a beautiful atmosphere to the children for enjoying time with nature while acquiring knowledge from books.