Tree Plantation Week observed in Hastinapur under a NMCG initiative

A tree plantation week along with public awareness programs were observed as a part of National Mission for Clean Ganga at Hastinapur city of Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh. Gracing the occasion, Rajiv Ranjan, the Director General of National Mission for Clean Ganga laid foundation of 'Panchvati' biome by earthing a plant. The plantation drive saw participation of school children, farmers and 'Ganga Praharis' who jointly planted 4000 saplings of five different local varieties at the 'Panchvati' biome. Later a Public awareness program was held in the premises of Ganga Interpretation Centre where officers and Head of forest department in Uttar Pradesh along with the chief guest Rajiv Ranjan delivered speeches on relevance of integrated approach required for restoration of Ganga river basins. To make school children and the residents of Hastinapur comprehend to the relevance of planting more trees in the Ganga basin Rajiv Rajan, the Director General of NMCG drew a smart analogy between hair fall and the forest cover required to maintain water table in Ganga river basins. School children also staged a play referring to the pollution of Ganga waters by the humankind and urgency to keep the waters clean and nourishing. Efforts for Ganga rejuvenation have moved beyond just STP and effluent management, they now encompass larger issues like conservation of wetlands and flora- fauna found in Ganga basins. Under a community led Turtle conservation programme, Uttar Pradesh Forest department has also set up a conservation centre for rescuing and rehabilitation of different under water species and animals thriving in Ganga plains.