Top five live streaming apps to watch out

Nowadays, live streaming has become an essential part of our lives. It keeps one updated and connected to other people. These are the top five apps which has transformed how we consume live data: Periscope is the official live video application from Twitter. It can be easily accessed on the Twitter homepage, feed and browser. Features like 'Replay Highlights' has aided Periscope to present the best portions of the content. Facebook Live is one's best bet. Emoticons hover all over the screen once they are tapped upon. It allows one to run the broadcast for up to 90 minutes. Instagram is for those who live in the moment. Simply swiping the 'Stories' screen and tapping the 'Live' button commences the video. Live on YouTube allows one to live stream on the YouTube channel with any smart phone. One can connect with the YouTube account in one click installation and stay tuned with the subscribers and viewers through live streaming. Developed and launched by Cheetah Mobile, is a live broadcasting app and streaming platform that allows users to communicate with each other and social influencers 'live'.