Step should be taken so that people fear the law: Kichcha Sudeepa on Hyderabad vet doctor rape-murder case

The rape and murder case of 26-yr-old Hyderabad vet doctor shook the whole nation. Bollywood actor Kichcha Sudeepa said, "It will hurt every father, every brother, every husband and everybody. It is a very painful act. See, I personally, believe that create law and the government is working on it and they don't need our advice. But, if people do not fear law, this will repeat again. One should take such step against those men so that the next people fear even if they are thinking. Punishing those people will happen but take such a decision that next time people should fear, even in thinking." He further said, "We have to fear the law and that is the only way, a country can operate. A step should be taken so that people fear the law."