Sportspersons can concentrate on game and not financial burden by giving sponsors, says gold medallist Arthi Arun

Asian Powerlifting Championship gold medallist Arthi Arun has expressed indignation over not being recognised in her own land for her achievements. She is a dental surgeon by profession and a mother of two. She wants that every sport should be supported equally. While speaking to ANI on this matter, gold medallist of Asian Powerlifting Championship Arthi Arun said, "I haven't received any kind of support from any Sports Authority. I have submitted a letter but did not receive any reply. All I am asking is for an appreciation letter. Is that too much to ask?" "I am waiting for sponsors, till now no one approached me. I don't know why people ask me this question 'You are a doctor why do you need a sponsor?' Do you ask that to a cricketer? Sportspersons should be encouraged by giving sponsors so that they can concentrate on game and not financial burden," Arun added.