Shashi Tharoor clarifies his 'chaiwala' remark on PM Modi

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor made a 'chaiwala' remark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi after which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) counter-attacked him. On BJP's criticism, Tharoor clarified his remarks and said, "Narendra Modi himself has spoken about his humble origins and I in my book, 'Paradoxial Prime Minister' have expressed admiration that such person has risen at such a position. All I said in my speech is, this is possible because of the democratic institutions for which Pandit Nehru laid the foundation through which any Indian has equal rights, aspiration and institutional structures to rise to the top." His remarks came while he held a republication event for his book 'Nehru: The Invention of India' in New Delhi. He had said that if today a 'chaiwala' can be a Prime Minister it is because Nehru ji made it possible to create the institutional structures through which any Indian can aspire to rise to the highest office in the land."