School children struggle to cross river through broken bridge in MP's Umaria

Children of Dadraudi, Kodar, Bartarai and other villages in Madhya Pradesh's Umaria struggle to cross a river through a damaged bridge to reach their school. "The bridge broke last year. People had put soil there which got washed away in the flood this year. When it rains we cannot go to school," said one of the children. However, not only children but even the villagers including women have been risking their lives by crossing the small river through the damaged pull. The District Education Officer (DEO) maintained that if the bridge is broken he will inform the concerned agency or department about it. While speaking to ANI on this matter, DEO Umesh Dhurve said, "If the bridge is broken, I will inform the concerned agency or department about it. As far as the children coming to school are concerned, I will talk to the principal and ask him if there is an alternate route to school." He further added that if there is any other alternate route to school, then it will be suggested to them in order to reduce their daily woes.