Rewari girl urges Haryana govt to build women toilets at public places

"When nature call, we need a toilet," said Priyanka Yadav, a resident from Rewari who wrote a letter to the concerned administration urging them to build toilets for women at public places in the city. Priyanka told ANI that recently when she went to Punjabi market in Rewari along with her friend for shopping, she looked for a women toilet but did not find any. After asking the shopkeepers about the toilet in the area, she got stunned to know that there was no toilet for women. She has also written to the Chief Minister Office (CMO) in Chandigarh urging them to direct the administration to build toilets for women at public places. Reacting on the matter, Rewari's Executive Officer of Municipal Council Manoj Yadav assured that tenders have been passed and the work will begin soon. "We have done the estimation and tenders have been passed. Work will begin soon. Wherever we are building toilets, we are building for women as well as men," he said. World Toilet Day is marked on November 19 to recognise the action taken to tackle the global sanitation crisis.