Punjab will not tolerate any pro-Khalistan sloganeering

Ludhiana (Punjab), July 16 (ANI): Various organisations in Punjab have raised concerns over Pakistan's ill-fated designs to create disturbance in Punjab by giving a push to pro-Khalistan secessionist movement by a handful of people sitting offshore. They have condemned the 'Referendum 2020' by the pro-Khalistan outfit Sikhs for Justice and called for strict action against those propagating anti-India movement. During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 matches in the UK, few Sikhs along with Pakistani fans raised pro-Khalistan slogans which saw a large scale condemnation. Countries like the UK and Canada have routinely provided support to the Khalistanis. These Sikhs are allegedly backed and financed by Pakistan's spy agency, the ISI. The intelligence agency ISI has also been blamed for promoting Khalistan agenda under the guise of Sikh pilgrimage via the Kartarpur corridor.