Are our political leaders disconnected?

26 July 2013

They make policies which affect you and me but just listen to their understanding of the ground realities in India. The disconnect not limited to just one lawmaker but reiterated by other Congress leaders too. Raj Babbar, spokesperson, Congress, said, "I said you can fill your stomach in Rs 12. You get two big rotis, which is enough. Now if they want me to give them food according to what they want, that's not possible." At a time when the prices of essentials are sky rocketing in the country these comments by Congress leaders rubbing salt on the wounds of common man reeling under rising prices. Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister of New & Renewable Energy, said, "The questions isn't whether you can fill your stomach with Rs 1 or Rs 100, the question is what do you want to eat. We want the nation to make progress, and these things are important for that." A TIMES NOW reality check across different cities reinforcing the mismatch between statements by leaders and the harsh realities. Not just Mumbai across the country the feeling echoed at the insensitive statement made by the congress leaders. Guwhati beggar, said, "You cannot do it with Rs 5. Do you even get tea for Rs 5? You don't even get half a cup of tea. You don't even get betel nut for Rs 5. You will need at least Rs 500 to get through one day." Rani from Chennai, said, "For a single day it costs a minimum of Rs 70 for one person. Basic expenses need to be covered. At least we need to have morning tiffin. So, Rs 33 will not be sufficient. It won't last very long." The comments from Congress leaders who are crorepati's in their own right also exposing the double standards something which the opposition lashed out at. Meenakshi Lekhi, spokesperson, BJP, said, "There should be a desi Ripley's believe it or not, and these people should be give Rs 100, ad then the Nehru family should adjudicate who survives for the maximum number of days in that hundred rupees." The comment from these central leaders in Delhi is something not all state level leaders agree with. Manikrao Kadam, President, Maharashtra PCC, said, "I don't agree with the statement. i don't think that you can get food for Rs 12, anywhere. Maybe he meant it in a different context and with a different intention."