PoK residents pour in streets against Pakistan army's brutalities

Aggrieved residents of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) staged a massive demonstration demanding ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC), which has been repeatedly violated by Pakistan in the recent past. Angry PoK residents raised slogans against the Pakistan army, condemning the loss of life and property faced by the region. New Delhi has long accused Pakistan of resorting to ceasefire violations to help terrorists infiltrate to the Indian side as a proxy to mount attacks. Residents said a step-motherly treatment had been meted out to them since the region was occupied by Pakistan and human rights violations, enforced disappearances and brutal killings were common. Activists accuse Pakistan army of high-handedness and working to provide launch pads to terrorists against India by displacing people in the region. The army has also gained control of most of the state infrastructure in PoK, either through unfair mechanisms or brute force. It has even seized land and resources in areas outside its jurisdiction. Though PoK has its own elected President and Prime Minister, they function as stooges of army generals instead of working for the welfare of their people. Pakistan's government has little sway over generals. The Pakistan military is one of the biggest in the world, with vast financial might and has led several coups to oust democratically elected governments.