Part of propaganda supported by govt: Sibal on allegations of involvement in funding anti-CAA protests

It is alleged that Kerala based PFI organisation and some advocates including Kapil Sibal fuelled via financial means, speaking on this Kapil Sibal asserted that it is a part of propaganda machine supported by government taken over by media 'bhakts'. "Media has put up a story that ED told them that CAA protests are funded by PFI and part of that funding has come to some advocates, including me. I wish both the media and those who leaked these stories did a bit of homework because they wouldn't have leaked it otherwise. But I think there is a motive behind it. The motive is very simple, destroy people's reputation by lies, lies and more lies. This seems to be part of their propaganda machine, supported by this govt and taken over by media 'bhakts' on social media," said Kapil Sibal.