Pakistan mulling massive army deployment in Gilgit Baltistan at COVID-19 pretext, alleges activist

Dr. Amjad Ayub Mirza, a human rights activist has claimed that Pakistan army is planning a massive army-troop deployment in the illegally occupied Gilgit Baltistan. This, he claims, is being done in the name of preemptive measures against the pandemic of Covid-19 but the real motive is to abolish the legislative framework of GB and replace it with absolute army rule. He also claimed that a large number of Punjabi people are migrating to PoK. They have used to water route of river Jhelum and Mangla dam to escape a proper screening. Earlier also Mirza had accused Islamabad of systematically spreading the virus in the illegally occupied territories of GB and PoK. The devious design of Pakistan is just unfolding.