North Korea shows its detailed plan for missile launches at Guam

North Korea showed its plans to fire missiles near Guam, as the Ukraine denies claims that it supplied weapons technology to the reclusive state. Kim Jong Un plans to fire missiles into the waters near Guam look to be in line with the threat made by North Korea last week. The pictures showed a trajectory starting on North Korea's east coast, home to its submarine base, and moving over Japan, before landing roughly 20 miles from the Guam shoreline. Reportedly, North Korea has the launch on hold, waiting for America's next move. United States reacted on it and said that its upto North Korea to cool the growing tensions. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that U.S. continues to be interested in finding a way to get to a dialogue, but that's up to Kim Jong Un. Meanwhile, Ukraine has denied claims of supplying weapons technology to North Korea and said its state-owned factory Yuzhmash hasn't created military grade ballistic missiles since the fall of the Soviet Union. According to U.S. intelligence agencies North Korea likely has the ability to produce its own missile engines without relying on imports. All this is going on while South Korea and U.S. prepares for more joint military drills on the Korean peninsula which Pyongyang consider as the preparation for war.