'Nishan Puja' concludes at Hanumangarhi Temple in Ayodhya

Ayodhya (UP), Aug 04 (ANI): 'Nishan Puja' was concluded at Hanumangarhi Temple in UP's Ayodhya on August 04. It was conducted to please the deity before the formal commencement of the construction of Ram Temple. The tradition of conducting 'Nishan Puja' at the Hanumangarhi temple is nearly 1700 years old. Lord Hanuman is considered as an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and that's why there is a tradition of pleasing Lord Hanuman and taking his blessings before beginning any auspicious project. The foundation stone laying ceremony is scheduled to be held on August 05. Only 200 people will be allowed to present at the temple premises amid coronavirus pandemic.