Naxals obstructing government initiatives in Jharkhand

A bridge on river Dulki in Jharkhand can prove to be a blessing for the people living alongside, as it not only promises to enhance connectivity in the region but will also provide a boost to the agriculture, trade, and economics. However, the government-backed construction that commenced two years back was stalled by the anti-establishment rebels, Naxals who have for years been brazenly carrying out their acts of vandalism, challenging the government initiatives for the region, threatened the contractors and demanded money from them. The socio-economic condition of tribals in Chatra district of Jharkhand is dire and the tribals have been living a life under abject poverty. With the rising violent activities of Naxals, who otherwise proclaim to be champions of tribals' rights; the socio-economic graph of poor people is only going down. The river looks subtle during the normal days. However, the troubles compound during monsoon when people are forced to tread through waist-height waters even to get their trivial jobs done. The devious plots of naxals essentially focusing on controlling the growth of the tribals have been exposed of late and the gullible tribals have identified their real enemy which is the principal reason behind the shrinking influence of naxals. Naxals are also frustrated by the fact that people are getting attracted towards the government's developmental schemes and benefits launched exclusively for them.