Naxalite influence shrinking as development booms in Chhattisgarh

The remote and inaccessible tribal areas in Chhattisgarh that were earlier the hotbeds of left-wing extremist militias are now taking a sigh of relief with several development works undertaken by the state and central government gathering pace. One amongst them is the tribal area in the Rajnandgaon district, where the Naxalites have been losing their foothold with increasing development. The tribals here are now availing benefits from the number of facilities being provided to them. Road has been constructed connecting the village and people are travelling freely from one place to another.Naxlites very well knew that if tribal areas will be developed then they will lose their influence over the region as it's just the underdeveloped areas that are helping them to survive. With the government trying to bring these Naxal-hit areas into mainstream through development projects, tribals are now hopeful of getting rid of the menace of naxalism.