‘We must have return to peace, tranquillity on border’: EAM on India-China relationship

New Delhi, Apr 19 (ANI): External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar via video conference of AIMA’s 6th national leadership conclave on April 19 commented on India-China relationship and said “We must have a return to peace and tranquillity on China border”. “Last year, that changed. Without provocation, China brought enormous force to the border. You can't disrupt peace and tranquility at border and carry on with rest of relationship... If this relationship is to progress, I must have a return to peace and tranquility on border,” the minister added. “For last 40 years, we have had peace and tranquility on the border. I'm not suggesting that we solved the boundary dispute. But rest of our relationship got built of an assumption that neither would use force or threaten another,” he said.