Millions take part in Kar Sewa at Amritsar's Durgiana Temple

Millions of devotees joined hands to perform Kar Sewa at the famous Durgiana Temple in Punjab's Amritsar city. The Kar Sewa or cleaning the temple in Amritsar is happening after 20 long years and the devotees expressed joy at taking part in it and called for others to take part as well. People from all castes and community took part in the drive in numbers and not only offered prayer at the temple, but also took part in the Kar Sewa to clean it so that it can incorporate better facilities with new infrastructure. While in the first phase of Kar Sewa, the temple premises were cleaned by the devotees, in the second phase, renovation and beautification of the sarovar has been carried out. The plan for the future is to redevelop the Durgiana Temple on the lines of the Golden temple, the most revered Sikh Shrine of the country. Auditorium, corridors, heritage street, musical fountain and laser show among others are to be incorporated into the temple area.