Migrant labourers protest with empty utensils in Amritsar

Amritsar (Punjab), June 02 (ANI): Amid lockdown, migrant labourers in Amritsar protested against the state government for making false promises on giving ration. No slogans and chaos were made during the protest, instead they silently tried to portray how Punjab government has neglected the migrants. Migrants were seen cooking food in big utensils and were distributing it among their people. Both the utensils, in which the food was cooked and the plates of the people eating were empty. On the empty utensils, migrants had written slogans like, ‘Captain ka aata’, ‘Captain ki Khichdi’, ‘Captain ki roti.’ One of the protestors said, ““These vessels are not empty, this is the ration captain sir has given us, we are cooking the same food.” When asked by the ANI reporter that why the vessels were empty, protestor replied, “So captain sir has also not given us anything.”