‘Mask Parottas’ pop up in Madurai to spread awareness for COVID

Madurai (Tamil Nadu), July 09 (ANI): What better way to send a strong message to Madurai folks than through parottas? Here, a popular private hotel in Tamil Nadu's Madurai has innovated their existing dishes and are presenting them in line with the current trend. ‘Mask Parottas’ – parottas in shape of masks – are the latest offerings on their menu since. Over the last week, the Madurai district has been seeing a rapid spike in COVID-19 cases, with over 300 new cases being reported daily. The district has also been under intense lockdown since the last week of June. Madurai has the most number of covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu after capital city Chennai. Temporarily, all these items are available only on take-away due to the prevalent lockdown in Madurai.

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