Maharashtra couple holds election to choose baby's name

A couple in Maharashtra's Gondia held an 'election' to decide the name of their new-born. Unable to decide on a name, a Maharashtra couple, Mithun and Mansi Bang let the public decide the name of their baby boy. They held an election on June 15, complete with election banners and ballot boxes to decide upon a name. Friends and relatives participated in voting. Three names- Yaksha, Yovik, and Yuvan suggested by relatives and parents were voted upon and the name Yuvan was the most voted name. Father, Mithun Bang said," It all started when the kundli (astrological chart) of our baby indicated that he'll be a political leader in future. It is then we decided to choose his name in a unique manner by public voting so that even after 15-20 years, he will cherish this day.