Madhesi Morcha stands firm on demand for constitution amendment

The agitating alliance of Madhesh-based parties has stood firmly on their demand of amendment before election, whereas the government has agreed to revise the amendment proposal tabled in the parliament. In a meeting held between the Madhesi Alliance and the ruling CPN- Maoist Center and Nepali Congress, the Madhesi leaders repeated their demand of introducing the amendment into the Constitution before holding the election. The government also showed a willingness to make revision on the amendment proposal tabled in parliament. The morcha has shown its willingness to go to election after the revision and passing of the tabled amendment proposal. We will not go to the election before any revision on the amendment charter. We had intense talks over the tabled constitution amendment proposal. We had a very positive and fruitful talk over passing the amendment proposal with some revision. The constitution is sure to be amended and all the talk is about passing the amendment proposal. No one is in support of failing of amendment charter and we had talks over the passing of the amendment bill today.