Locals in Bhubaneswar unite for humanity to feed migrant workers

Bhubaneswar (Odisha), May 25: Service to humanity is service to god. Presently, when coronavirus has given a huge blow to humanity, several individuals and organizations across India are coming forward to feed a number of hungry souls, irrespective of their caste and community. A similar scene can be observed in the Bhubaneswar city where a group of social workers are feeding thousands of migrant labourers every day. Though the government is taking a number of measures to ensure that everyone gets a proper meal but still there are many who are left unfed.So doing the needful in this hard time are people like Umesh Khandelwal and his friends, who have come together to help those in need during this pandemic. Belonging to Bhubaneswar, they are regularly feeding thousands of migrants especially those living in Telugu Basti-a colony of workers from Andhra Pradesh.