Law students file petition for proper disposal of condom

Law students' organisation based in Pune 'Lawyers for Earth Justice' have filed a petition in National Green Tribunal (NGT) court demanding a proper disposal of condoms in country. Condom is a non-degradable waste. Hence while disposing it in improper manner it is not only inviting the pollution but also creating a scope for several diseases. In a petition filed by students they have demanded a proper set of rule for disposal of condoms and also demanded several other things including a note on condom packet to mention dangers of it's disposal. Asim Sarode, Advocate said, "Used condom should be treated as a different kind of garbage and it should be catagorised. Condom is included in sanitary waste. Even then we see that people dispose of condoms like any other garbage. That is why it gets mixed with biodegradable waste whereas is non-biodegradable. From corporations to municipal councils state government should make policies to catagorise it." A student who belongs to 'Lawyers for Earth Justice' said, "The dignity of the ragpickers as well as the segregators is affected because they have to manually handle the used condom waste. This is socially and environmentally not correct. This also creates unhealthy conditions of work for them."