Kashmiri student shines in Robotic engineering at national level

Srinagar, Aug 14 (ANI): Sheikh Najeeb Shafi, a Kashmiri youth from Srinagar has made the Valley proud by time and again participating in the national India Skills competition and bringing home laurels in the field of robotics. Najeeb, currently a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) student, found his passion for robotics at a very young age and spent a lot of time on his projects. Speaking to ANI, Najeeb said, “When I was younger, whenever my father would buy me toys, and I was always more excited to break open it and see what was inside, rather than playing with the toy. I was very intrigued by the mechanics and started to join parts of different toys together and make my own things. Slowly, I started to understand how the inner mechanics really worked.” He believes that hard work and passion takes precedence over formal training in a field like robotics. Despite being a bright and curious student, Shafi failed his Class 12 exams three times, but he continued to pursue his passion for robotics. “I was never very good at studies. I couldn't understand why I should copy-paste something from a textbook. I didn't like that everything has to be memorised and there was very little real-life application. I gained all my knowledge outside of school. In Class 8, a friend of mine gave me Class 12th physics textbook and I picked up on a lot of important concepts. I also used to teach final year B. Tech students and help them with their college projects, like drone algorithms and robotic arms,” he added. “My passion and hard work taught me all that I needed to bring my ideas to life. I have never even taken any professional course for robotics. Many people ask me how I plan to pursue this field without formal training but I believe that hard work and dedication are more important,” Najeeb further stated.