Just by donning saffron clothes, you cannot be called baba: Baba Ramdev

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said that self-styled godmen or 'Babas' involved in wrong misdoings should be punished. "Every profession has its own limitation. There is a protocol for every job; same is with the babas. Just by donning saffron clothes, one cannot be called a baba. It is all about character," he said. "I have inspired many to become sanyasis, and will continue to do in future, but we all have restrictions when it comes to building our characters ," he added. Ramdev's reaction came after another case of rape and fraud surfaced against a self-styled godman. Daati Maharaj, a self-styled godman, has been accused of raping a disciple inside Shani Dham two years ago.The case has been transferred to the Delhi Police's Crime Branch.