Japan's International Airport finds new way to make pre-flight fun of passengers

This is Chubu Centrair International Airport, located in central Japan. Going down a long moving sidewalk, visitors see a building with a picture of an airplane. Inside the building, there is a unique theme park called Flight of Dreams, which displays a huge Boeing 787 airplane. Visitors can also see the airplane and enjoy an experimental attraction that features the latest digital technology. The main attraction is a projection mapping show on an airplane. A dynamic show of images and sounds using Boeing 787 real airplane was presented in the interior space of the building. Looking at the fourth-floor viewing area, the boundaries between the walls and the floor of the building disappear, the real space disappears, and then visitors become immersed in the art world and feel as if flying with an airplane. The process of making airplane Boeing 787 is showed by graphic design technology. About 35 percent of the parts of Boeing 787 are manufactured in the central Japan and the reason for the display is that those parts are transported from Centralia to the United States' final assembly plant. This is a booth to see how far a paper plane can fly. The paper planes trigger sound and light depending on far it flies. Since there is a "Flight of Dreams" within the international airport, many foreign travelers are attracted to it as a new tourist attraction.