Japanese firms use cutting edge technology for safe and swift delivery

For quick delivery of goods to the Asian region, Yamato Holdings, a Japanese courier service known as TA-Q-BIN, has constructed Japan's largest comprehensive super logistics terminal "Haneda Chrono Gate". The company has introduced latest material handling machines at their logistics base for home and international delivery of goods. Haneda Chrono Gate started operations in October this year. Packages destined for Asian countries through Chrono Gate are collected at Okinawa International Logistics Hub, and then delivered to each customer. The incoming cargo from overseas is directly delivered from Haneda and Narita airports straight to the facility. It's not only in logistics; Japan's latest car manufacturing technology will promote road safety. Nissan is already working on technology which uses laser scanners, around view monitor cameras as well as advanced vehicle intelligence actuators. It is working with institutions such as Oxford, MIT, Stanford and the University of Tokyo to introduce autonomous drive vehicle.