It will be investigated through a high-level committee: Maheshwar Hazari on Tejashwi Yadav's bungalow

Minister of Building Construction, Maheshwar Hazari has assured thorough investigation of Tejashwi Yadav's expenditure on his bungalow, which has been alleged to be nothing short of a seven-star resort. Maheshwar said, "We can use only 6 lakh rupees in five years (on infrastructure). Earlier it was only 3 lakh. If it is more than 3 lakh then it means either he has used his own money or if the department has spent then it would be punishedable offensive. We will get it investigated through a high level committee. This is government's money, it cannot be used wrongly. Bihar Deputy Chief Minister who occupied the bungalow after a protracted legal battle has slammed Tejashwi of splurging on the bungalow which may not have cost him less than Rs 5 crore.