Incidents of rape cost billions to tourism industry, says Finance Minister

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley took on rapes terming country's tourist sector as 'underachieved' and said such incidents have cost billions of dollars to the tourism industry. While addressing a conference of state tourism ministers in New Delhi on Thursday Jaitley said that due to several reasons, including rapes and law and order situation, the tourism sector is not blooming as much as it should. Jaitley focused on the massive potential India has in tourism and said due to presence of mountains, rivers, forests, beaches, historical monuments, and metro cities in the subcontinent, the country should be overcrowded with tourists. He also said that India's domestic transport system - roads and railways - and international transport is not upto the mark and needs to be improved tremendously. He laid emphasis on lower taxes on hotels and international flights to attract more tourists and hailed Thailand for its tourism policies.