Important to protest if insulted as an Indian, says Shazia Ilmi

BJP leader Shazia Ilmi, who confronted Pakistan supporters raising anti-Modi and anti-India slogans in South Korea, said that it is imperative to peacefully register protest if insulted as an Indian. While speaking to ANI, she said, "I and two others were in Seoul for United Peace Federation conference as a delegation of Global Citizen Forum. After the conference, we went to Indian Embassy to meet our envoy. On our way to the hotel, we saw an aggressive protest by an unruly crowd carrying Pakistani flags and calling all kind of names to India and our PM. They kept saying Modi terrorist, India terrorist. We just felt it's our duty to tell them to not abuse our country or our PM." "It's important for all of us to register our protests wherever we are. It's important to peacefully register your anger at being insulted as a countryman as Indian," she added.