Hindus in Agra and Surat observe Roza in solidarity with their Muslim brothers

In the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, dargah of Sufi saints located in various parts of the country are seen jam-packed with Muslims, as they consider it as a time of prayer and remembering God.But among these dargahs, there are few that are not just thronged by the people of Muslim community but other faiths as well, presenting a perfect conglomeration of different religions. The 425 year old Dargah of Khwaja Dana located in the Surat city of Gujarat is also one among these religious centres where Hindus not just come to pay their obeisance to the saint but also observe Roza.

This year too several Hindus thronged this dargah and opened the Roza along with their Muslim brothers.Similar scenes were also witnessed in the dargah of Markaz Sabri located in the Agra city of Uttar Pradesh where people of all faiths gathered to open their Roza. It is said that people of different faiths have deep faith in the saint who in his entire life propogated the message of love and brotherhood. Today the saint's devotees are carrying forward his message by giving great respect to each other's belief and festivals. India, a vast country with a population surpassing 130 Crore comprise countless tales espousing communal harmony. Such stories bring along a message that not only resonates across the forum but also sets a tone of harmony for the generations to follow.