Hindu Temple in Poonch, built by a Sikh and looked after by Muslim

Bestowed with myriad faiths, casts, creeds and religions, India has incredibly kept its unity alive. A glimpse of it was recently witnessed in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, where people of various faiths came to attend the annual celebration at Lohar Devta shrine. Standing as a symbol of communal harmony, the temple of lohar devta today has its devotees in the areas of Poonch, Rajouri, Sunderbani, Nowshera and Jammu, who get to assemble here mostly during the annual commemorations. The temple also has a langar hall, where people irrespective of their caste and community sit together and enjoy the meal. As the annual celebrations held in the temple are quite big, security personals also make it a point to remain alert at the site to avoid any nuisance. This annual celebration at lohar devta is playing a key role in strengthening the bond between different communities who directly or indirectly contribute their bit, especially the Muslims who do almost all the arrangements for its successful conduct.