Gulbarga's Sharana Basaveshwara temple attracts devotees across religions

Sharana Basaveshwara Temple is located in Gulbarga, an ancient town in the north-eastern part of Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to an eminent Hindu philosopher and religious teacher, Shri Sharana Basaveshwara, also known as Appa by the locals. He was a Lingayat saint of 18th century known for his Dasoha i.e giving is earning and Kyaka philosophy which says that one does not have rights to demand the fruits of his labour. The temple has the shrine of Sharana Basaveshwara, which is known as Garbha Gudi and is visited by thousands of faithful every year, irrespective of their religion. The temple is built in a very distinctive style unlike any other 12th century temple in the region. It is known for its artistry which is visible in its stone-carved pillars, towers, elephants and garuda on temple walls. During the month of March, the shrine is thronged by a large number of people belonging to different religious communities to celebrate the birthday of Shri Sharana Basaveshwara. The temple has thus become a symbol of religious harmony by drawing people from different faiths.