Government's efforts to keep Naxals at bay paying off

Left radical Maoists, who have been peddling lies of agendas and ideologies, calling themselves defenders of rights of tribal and destitute are actually the perpetrators of violence and terror. They are meting-out atrocities on poor and gullible tribal as the disillusioned people, who once used be devout followers of Maoism, have now rejected their regressive and violent ideology. Killings, abductions, barging into people's homes, harassing and threatening them with deadly consequences is a regular exercise for Naxals in the region. However, sustained multi- pronged efforts of the government in recent times are yielding positive results in the region. Relentless security operations have pushed them back foot thereby creating a relatively peaceful atmosphere. Recently, many Naxals were eliminated in coordinated security operations carried out by security forces across various strongholds of Naxalites. Today, Naxals are baffled as the tribals are getting attracted to the government's developmental schemes exclusively carved out for them. A security crackdown alongside has left them exasperated and scared as they have realised that their end is just round the corner.