For few pennies, Saroj Khan is taking bread out of CDA's dancers' mouths: Ganesh Acharya

Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan slammed choreographer Ganesh Acharya for using his position for manipulating dancers. Speaking on it to ANI, Ganesh Acharya said, "If Saroj ji has so much power, then why she can't see the misbehavior against the dancers. If Saroj ji has this much then come in front, call the dancers and press and do all this. Why are you backstabbing? Even, today I am asking Saroj ji to come in front of me and everything will be cleared. Saroj ji is doing wrong, she shouldn't do this. I am not Saroj ji's assistant. I made my world on my own. If I am doing 50 movies today, its because of my hard work. She has not made me. I am not feeling right saying all these about her, she is so senior to me. For few pennies, she is taking the bread out of CDA's dancers' mouths. There is no point of saying all these in front of media."