Fatwa issued against Nida Khan- crusader of Triple Talaq

A local cleric has issued a fatwa against Nida Khan, who had allegedly taken up issues like triple talaq and Nikah Halala. The fatwa has been issued against her for speaking against Islam and its practices. Quoting the fatwa Alam said, "No medicines will be provided if she falls ill. If she dies, no one is allowed to offer 'namaz' on her 'zanaja' (funeral procession). She cannot be buried in kabristan (graveyard) after her death". As per the fatwa, similar action will be taken against those helping and supporting Khan. Reacting on the same she said those issuing fatwa "should go to Pakistan.India is a democratic country. No one can ostracise me from Islam. Only Allah can decide who is guilty.” The whole incident started back in 2016, when Nida was married to Usman Raza Khan was given talaq. Since then, she has been fighting for rights of Muslim women.