Farah Khan on Papon: If the girl was my daughter I would not like it

Singer Papon was slammed with harassment complaint after he was caught kissing a reality show contestant during a Holi celebration. He has been charged with 'inappropriately kissing' a minor girl. Bollywood Director, producer and actor Farah Khan on Saturday reacted on the matter. While she acknowledged that she personally knows Papon well enough and certified him to be a good person, she also agreed that what he did was wrong, it made her feel very uncomfortable and she wouldn't have liked it if Papon had done the same thing with her daughter. "I know Papon he is good guy. But there is no doubt that when I saw the video it made me feel uncomfortable. I think he didn't mean to do it but if it was my daughter I would not like it. I think people should not touch other people's children, just to show affection," he said.