Facebook is rating its users' trustworthiness when they report fake news

In an attempt to fight the issue of fake news, Facebook is now rating its users on the basis of their trustworthiness. According to The Washington Post, Facebook is looking forward to weeding out disinformation, with this recent development. Under this process, if enough users report a story as false, the Facebook team will undergo a fact-checking process. Considering the fact that people often tend to report content that they don't agree with, the social media platform will use other means to decide what kind of content it will be looking into. Trust rating being one of those means. The 'Trust rating' will consider a user's track record, that is, how many times is that person reporting stories as false. If somebody has a habit of regularly reporting stories and the fact-checking team find these stories to be true, it will make the user's judgment less reliable. Facebook, however, did not disclose the whole process.