Emma Stone feels 'Battle of the Sexes' is politically relevant now

Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone, who will be seen next in 'Battle of the sexes,' feels that the movie is really politically relevant right now. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 28-year-old actress, said, "It's interesting thing because this was shot in 2015, so Trump and Hillary were in the public consciousness, and we had no idea which way this was going to go. So while shooting it, it was kind of this interesting to look at Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean and the very political nature of what the battle actually was about. The battle, as much as it was this spectacle, it was also about equal treatment and equal rights." The 'La La Land' star also shared that it is really painful to see that people are still having the same fights. "It's one of those thing that as time goes on, it's so painful to understand that it's become more relevant instead of more of a nostalgic piece. We're still having the exact same fights, and that's become more apparent, unfortunately, over the past year and a half since we shot it. It feels like not much at all has changed since this huge event. It's a painful truth," noted Stone. The actress revealed that she feels nice to be part of a story that's talking about this woman who did so much for feminism. Her upcoming movie with Steve Carell, 'Battle of the Sexes', will hit US cinemas on September 22 and UK cinemas on November 24.